XVM Labs – Cheapest Yearly VPS Deals

XVM Labs Cheapest Yearly VPS

It has been a while since the last Deals Alert post. I see this offer this noon, and it is too good not to be shared. Particularly for any VPS junkie out there. Sorry, this post are written in English, as this post was originally posted on my Low End Offer website.

For many months, the cheapest yearly VPS deals belong to Bandwagon Host. For $3.99 you can get a solid and fully working VPS for a year. Now, has the crown been taken by XVM Labs? Well not exactly like that, i’ll explain in a short.

Introducing, XVM labs.

Today, I see an offer post by dcc at Low End Talk. The title are quite interesting, “5G SSD, 512MB RAM @ QuadraNet LA $2.87 yearly – XVM Labs”. So I click that thread and it is not a joke. They offer a real VPS for $2.87!

The spec are quite nice actually, for this kind of price the offer is a no brainer. Here are the spec list :

100 GB Bandwidth on GigE
Platform: OpenVZ + KiwiVM
DC: QuadraNet (Los Angeles)
$2.87 per year

How they able to do that?

Yes, this is the question many people will ask. How even this is possible? The answer are right on their web page.

XVM Labs Cheapest Yearly VPS Reason

Like you can see. This is basically is a totally un-manage service. No support (besides the support forum), fully experimental and maybe there will be down times.

In the first paragraph, I say that the crown for cheapest yearly vps deal is not really taken by XVM Labs. Why is that? Well because, Bandwagon Host and XVM Labs are being run by the same company, IT7 Networks.

Being run by IT7, means this is quite a legit offer. No scam, what so ever. They even using the same control panel to manage the VPS. The awesome, KiwiVM. So, are you still looking for ultra cheap VPS to play with? Or maybe just need something to throw your money with? Try, XVM Labs.

~ XVM Labs – Cheapest Yearly VPS Deals

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